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Philippe Ciuciu

Short CV

I completed my PhD in the GPI group of LSS (CNRS, Université de Paris-Sud), France, in October 2000. Jérôme Idier and Jean-François Giovannelli co-advised my work. I then moved to Orsay, France, for one year to work as a post-doctoral fellow in the fMRI signal processing group at Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot, a laboratory of CEA (life science division, medical research department). Since November 2001, I have held a permanent research scientist position in this group. In 2007 I moved to NeuroSpin, an ultra high magnetic field Neurospin center in the LNAO lab. Currently, I am Principal Investigator of the neurodynamics program in collaboration with Andreas Kleinschmidt (DR INSERM) at the Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit (INSERM/CEA U562).

For more information about my research activity, please visit my personal website.

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