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Pauline Roca

I am currently in my third year as a PhD student and work on the connectivity-based parcellation of the human cortex. I am under the supervision of Dr Jean-François Mangin.

I received an Engineering degree from Supélec and a MSc in Mathematics from University "Paul Verlaine in Metz in 2007.

Here is my CV.

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Macroscale atlas of the human cortex connectome
The network of anatomical brain connections. This figure represents the connectivity matrix of a brain cortex segmentation into 200 regions, averaged across 10 subjects. For each region, a small cortex mesh is superimposed onto the region’s centroid, representing its connections strength towards the other brain regions (blue to red colors for low to strong connections). For visualization purpose, the brain cortex mesh has been slightly inflated. Available soon in Connectomist, a Brainvisa toolbox dedicated to diffusion MRI.
Publié le lundi 5 mai 2008
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