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  • Nov. 2006/Nov. 2009 : PhD thesis, INRIA Futurs (Gif-Sur-Yvette), performed at LNAO (Laboratoire de neuroimagerie assistée par ordinateur), Neurospin/CEA (SAclay). Thesis subject : Use of Classication techniques for the Characterization of a Population of subjects based on Functional Neuroimaging data.
  • 2004/2005 : Master Mathematics-Vision-Perception at E.N.S. Cachan, Advanced mathematical techniques in signal and image processing
  • 2001/2004 : Master degree at IUP Génie Mathématiques et Informatique (University Paris IX Dauphine). Licence 3 and Master 1 in learning contract. Title of master engineer.


  • Mathematical skills : Statistical learning ; excavation techniques of data (kernel methods, reinforcement learning, neural coding, …) ; IA ; Image processing. Applications to Molecular Biology and medical Imaging.
  • Computer programming skills : Java, C++, C, Python, Matlab, Shell Unix, SAS, Prolog, Lisp, Clips, QNAP, Lex, Yacc, Turbo Pascal, assembleur.


  • English : Fluent reading and talking. 800 points at the TOEIC test in 2004.
  • Deutsch : Zertificat Deutsch level.



  • Sept. 2008 : Damon C., Pinel P. et al : Discriminating between populations of subjects based on fMRI data using sparse features selection and SRDA classifier. MICCAI Workshop Analysis of Functional Medical Images (oral presentation).
  • Mai 2008 : Michel V., Damon C. et al : Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection Enhances fMRI Brain Activity Classification. ISBI (Paris).
  • Juin 2007 : Damon, C. Thirion B. et al : Use of the Functional Neuroimaging data for the Characterization of a population of subjects. Human Brain Mapping (Chicago, USA).


  • 2007-2008 : Senior TD in Mathematics. Second year University (Licence 2) of IUT GMP at IUT de Cachan (94).
  • 2005-2006 : Tutoring students at middle schools Lakanal at Sceaux (92).
  • 1998-2007 : Math tutoring students at middle and high schools.


  • Avril-Aout 2005 : Master 2 MVA Internship of four months at laboratoire LAMI, Genopole (Evry).Mission : Statistical learning applied to biological regulatory networks.
  • Sept. 2003/2004 : Learning contract of one year at SE2I computer department , Foncia company. Mission : Java web developer on the real estate transaction "TotalImmo" software.
  • Sept. 2002/2003 : Learning contract of one year at SDVP (service de distribution et de vente du journal Le Parisien ) computer department. Mission : Setting up the network, ensuring the availability of databases with backup systems, administering Oracle databases on Unix and facilitate their management by developing programs in Java.


HOBBIES : Travels, Reading

LICENCES : Car license, First aid certificate, Trial dive

Published on Tuesday 2 December 2008
Update Tuesday 17 February 2009


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