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Fiber Cup Program
Fiber Cup Program


Below is the preliminary program of the Fiber Cup. Due to the very tight schedule of the workshop, we divided the talks into short talks* (ST) and long talks* (LT). ST last 8 minutes (plus 2 for questions) while LT last 12 minutes (+3 for questions).

  • 14:30: Introduction - A few words on the phantom elaboration
  • 14:45: ST1: Fiber Challenge - SCI Utah Solution, by S. Gouttard et al.
  • 14:55: ST2: Fiber Tracking on the Phantom dataset by Using Sisyphe Software, by Tensaouti et al.
  • 15:05: ST3: Fast Persistent Angular Structure Based Streamline Tractography, by K. Sakaie et al.
  • 15:15: LT1: Deterministic Tractography using Orientation Distribution Functions Estimated with Probability Density Constraints and Spatial Regularity, by A. Goh.
  • 15:30: LT2: Depicting Axon Fibers on a Diffusion Phantom by Means of Hybrid DBF-DT data, by A. Ramirez-Manzanares et al.
  • 15:45: Break
  • 16:15: LT3: Filtered Tractography: Validation on a Physical Phantom, by J. G. Malcolm et al.
  • 16:30: LT4: Tracking a Physical Phantom by Global Fibre Reconstruction, by M. Reisert et al.
  • 16:45: LT5: Fiber Cup 2009: Reconstructing Fibers from the Phantom Data, by T.-S Yo et al.
  • 17:00: LT6: Fiber Tracking on the Fiber Cup Phantom using Constrained Spherical Deconvolution, by B. Jeurissen et al.
  • 17:15: Winners announcement and closing remarks
  • 17:30: End of the workshop

*ST are reserved to well-established methods or methods that we consider require a little less time to be presented than those with LT. It does not mean that methods with ST are less suited or performed worse than those with LT at reconstructing the phantom!

Published on Monday 14 September 2009
Update Tuesday 29 June 2010

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